About me, who sees performances, and tells you when and if you have to as well

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to my performance blog, where I stroll around Philadelphia and New York and Mumbai and see theater pieces and dance performances and dance-theater pieces and theatrical dance performances and music and clown shows and performance art pieces and everything in between and then talk about them, in-depth. I love theater and all it’s related fields, and I think that critical response to art is essential to the development and evolution of a work, as well as being vital to the artistic process. I write to start the conversation, not to end it.

When I was in college I saw something like 3 or 4 shows a weekend, and we produced about 100 shows over the course of the academic year. I would know everyone in the audience. I would know everyone on stage. And after the show, after a drink, or seven (and in our defense, it is extremely cold in New England) we would talk about the show, the process, the players, what worked, what didn’t, what we liked, what we hated. It made us better as artists and it made us better as audience members. We critically evaluated what we were seeing, we discussed the history of the work, the background,the references, the connotations, the complexities, the failures and the victories. They are all equally important to the artistic process, and they all deserve attention and conversation. When I left school I realized I had lost that, that spirit of inquiry, of critical examination, of improving by questioning. So that’s why I write these pieces of dramatic criticism. To replicate that feeling, that important and significant task of evaluating performance in order to become better at creating art.

I moved to Mumbai in September of 2016, and that seemed like the right time (and the write time) to restart this blog of mine, discussing Indian theater and the theater that makes it to India in depth because once again, I don’t have many people to talk to about this, but I have a lot to say.

“The Theatuh, the Theatuh – what book of rules says the Theater exists only within some ugly buildings crowded into one square mile of New York City? Or London, Paris or Vienna? Listen, junior. And learn. Want to know what the Theater is? A flea circus. Also opera. Also rodeos, carnivals, ballets, Indian tribal dances, Punch and Judy, a one-man band – all Theater. Wherever there’s magic and make-believe and an audience – there’s Theater. Donald Duck, Ibsen, and The Lone Ranger, Sarah Bernhardt, Poodles Hanneford, Lunt and Fontanne, Betty Grable, Rex and Wild, and Eleanora Duse. You don’t understand them all, you don’t like them all, why should you? The Theater’s for everybody – you included, but not exclusively – so don’t approve or disapprove. It may not be your Theater, but it’s Theater of somebody, somewhere.” -All About Eve

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